My First Video

What is in my first video

For my video project, I used the same audio from my podcast project, but I got rid of some extra narration that wasn’t really necessary to the story.


Today I’m going to be explaining why Goldfish crackers are the best snack. We’ve got 4 variables to discuss: crunch, taste, leftover finger feel, and overall fun. First, we’ve got a crunch test [crunch sound]. The great thing about eating Goldfish is you can have that nice crunch from the hollowness of the snack, or you can eat them silently by letting them dissolve in your mouth. Second, we’ve got taste. Regular goldfish have the perfect amount of cheese flavor that isn’t too powerful while still being flavorful. Next is the leftover finger feel. Unlike Doritos or Cheetos, regular Goldfish gives you the flavor without the mess. Lastly, we’ve got overall fun. Goldfish look like little goldfish. How much more fun could they be? To conclude, Goldfish are the ultimate snack of all time.

How I made my first video

All footage used in the video is my own, shot with the Pro Video option on my Samsung Galaxy S22+. I edited the whole video using Canva where I was able to cut my clips, edit my audio, add a layer of music, and add effects and transitions to make it flow better. The royalty-free music track I used is called “Ukulele,” from Bensound (License code: VHUVOG4WZLD9EW13).

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