Vector and Raster Images

My new site icon

What I made

Dark blue circle with light pink letters inside spelling M P
Created by Maggie Cavanaugh (self).

How I made it

My site icon was made using the website Vectr, a free vector graphics creator and editor. I only used the tools that were provided for free, so my design is simple but that’s what I like about it. It was originally a vector image that I’ve exported as a PNG and JPEG for this assignment.

Why this site icon

Since the icon is so small, I didn’t want anything too complicated or else people wouldn’t be able to tell what the icon was. The “MP” is short for Maggie’s Perspective, and the colors chosen were just colors I thought visually worked well together. Plus, the contrast in colors make the site icon even more recognizable.

My new header image

What I made

Dark blue solid background with light pink outline of four cats
Each cat designed by Galih Khoirul Fadil from GeKaDe. Header created by Maggie Cavanaugh (self).

How I made it

My header was made using the website Canva, a free graphic design creator and editor. Like Vectr, Canva has free and paid tools and designs available to create with. However, Canva is more generous with their free options.

Why this header

In my last post, Licenses and Images, I explained how my love of cats led me to choosing a picture of a cat as my header image. Well, my new header was created from the same logic, except this one follows the simplicity and color scheme of my new site icon. Each cat outline is actually its own element, but they were all designed by the same artist. I was able to align each line with each other and vertically flipped some of the images so all of the cats were facing the same direction.

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